Craig Latigan
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Meet Craig  - South African Mirror Sailing Team


Craig started his sailing at the age off 11, crewing on Mirrors at the local Sea Scout group in East London. Agter gaining some experience, he and his father built an Optimist for Craig. 

Craig's Optimist sailing had small success in the local area. In 1996, Craig sailed in the Youth Nationals, where he was placed as the highest hom built boat.

 It was after this event, when Craig aged out of the Class and moved on to the next Class of Dinghy.

Craig spent the next year sailing a borrowed Mirror in local regattas. 

At the age of 16, Craig was sailing the Mirror, Kingfisher, with his Father as crew. 

After his Father had done some research on the Mirror Class in South Africa, and he then discovered that there was going to be a World Championship to be held in South Africa in 1999, in Saldanha Bay.

The decision was made, a new boat was to be built and the Father and Son team were going to put all efforts in to to make the South African Team for the World's.

After sailing a few points regattas, the new boat was almost finished. Craig and Lionel left early one Friday morning from East London for a Regatta in Cape Town with the new boat, they ended up having to finish the boat at the event where valuable points were scored. 

They made the theam, after some great results, including a Regatta win in the Natal Midlands and a 4th place overall at the Nationals in 1998.

The 1999 Mirror World Championships  was an eye opener for Young Craig, loads of lessons, experience and new friends were made.

The decision, was made to find a new and younger crew for the nect Champs. Ireland, here we come. 

In 2001, Craig and Terence, Craig's new Crew sailed the world Championships in Howith, just outside of Dublin. 

Finishing 43rd out of a fleet of almost 90 boats, they were thte 3rd highest South Africans.

In 2001, Craig had started his working career and his sailing had to take a small back seat. He still sailed the points Regattas for the next World's. 

In 2003, at the last Points Regatta for the team to go to Australia, Craig sailed the South African National Championships with a friend from work. 

Craig and Tyran sailed extremely well, to win 4 of the 8 races and the National Title. 

Craig and Tyran made the Team for Australia, but due to other commitments, Craig could not go as he was sailing in the Cape to Rio Yacht Race that same year.

Craig took a small break from sailing but was invited to sail the World Champs in 2007 to be held in  Port Elizabeth. Finishing again in the low 40's

In 2008, Craig was diagnosed with Kidney failure, and was placed on dialysis. Having to go 3 times a week and 4 hours a time took a toll on him, but Craig is a fighter and kept going, his desire to sail again was strong.

In 2010, Craig received a transplant and the recovery period started. In this time Craig met his wife, who encouraged and supported him. In 2016, he lost his transplanted kidney through rejection and was placed into ICU for 4 weeks and also back on Dialysis.

Life on dialysis is not great for anyone, having to be strapped to a machine to filter your blood for up to 12 hours a week, can be a difficult task to do. But Craig does it with a smile and a naughty giggle.

In 2019 after sailing his radio controlled boat at the local Aquantic club and after chatting to a local Mirror sailor, Craig made the choice to try and get back in to the Class and start sailing again. After sailing a few local regattas, Craig found out that the next World Championships was going to be held in Ireland and would be delayed due to Covid.

After sailing points Regattas around South Africa and winning a Regional Championship in the Garden Route, Craig and his Crew, Sean (10) have found themselves ranked 3rd in the country and have made the South African Team to go to the World Chapionships in Sligo, Ireland. 

Craig and Sean, are putting in the hard yards practicing for this event that will include the Irish National Championships and the World's and will be sailing these events over 10 days.

The target is a top 5 finish, and if they can adchieve this goal, it would be a massive achievement as this would be done with Craig still having to go for Dialysis every second day for 4 hours a time while at this event, putting a huge amount of strain on Craig physically and emotionally. 

But Craig is driven and will succeed!

Craig's Upcoming Events & Results

2023 MSC Dinghy Classes and Hobie 16's WC Regional Championships


7 - 10 April 2023

Provisional Results Day 1

Provisional Results Day 2

Provisional Results Day 3

Provisional Results Day 4



29 April 2023 - 01 May  2023